#BucketFilling ~ $12,000 in an EPIK 8 Months!

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#BucketFilling ~ $12,000 in an EPIK 8 Months!

#BucketFilling#BucketFilling – Yes, that number does say $12,000, but it’s actually a whopping $12,010.73 deposited in the EPIK Kids in Action bank account since the start of EPIK KIDS IN ACTION in January till the end of August.


How excited we are at EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre that we could potentially create 12,000+ opportunities to encourage and inspire Elementary school children to continue with #BucketFilling in the Catonsville community with our financial support.

(#BucketFilling – not necessarily recognized by the Oxford Dictionary, but it’s when you say or do something kind for another person)

How is EPIK Home Group #BucketFilling?

We have committed to contributing into EPIK Kids in Action Foundation 2.5% of EVERY commission check from every settlement. Every buyer or seller that selects us to represent them in their Real Estate transaction is part of the #BucketFilling too. They are the reason why we can continue to make this fund grow monthly. Our awesome past, present and future clients, business partners and community get to participate in the #BucketFilling by referring us to even more buyers and sellers. The ultimate #BucketFilling is getting to watch the fruits of our efforts by engaging and being involved in the bi-weekly gathering of Elementary School children (currently in Catonsville, but hopefully in many more schools soon) and witnessing first hands the activities they do.

If you want to be part of this #BucketFilling, who do you know that needs our services with buying or selling a home?

The EPIK Kids in Action activities during the after school program, potentially comfort, help and engage a wide range of local recipients. #BucketFilling is a phrase that is often used as the participating children create and spread happiness with their activities. From assembling lunches for the homeless community to sorting candy for troops overseas, many of their endeavors are just saying Thank You.

2016-09-15-16-29-05 #BucketFilling. If you are a teacher, a school nurse, an administrator, custodian or guidance councilor, would this not put a smile on your face in the morning?

The EPIK Hillcrest ES children ranging from 2nd-5th grade are encouraged to use their own words and creativity to fill a paper heart with kind words and positive affirmations.

These hearts are then placed around the school near the recipients work area, so they can see that they are appreciated and important to everyone.

Visit the EPIK Kids in Action Catonsville Facebook page to see regular updates and photos of #BucketFilling.

#BucketFilling at Westchester ES too.

We are excited to bring this EPIK Kids in Action program to a 2nd Catonsville School this semester. Westchester Elementary school has 25+ children signed up and ready to go. The first meeting was a great success and teachers, parents and students are excited about the good they can do in their community.


If you are affiliated with a local school in our service area and want to talk about EPIK Kids in Action, please contact us here.

If you represent a charity or would like to make suggestions about who we can help during the program, please contact us here.

If you or anyone that you know has Real Estate needs, please contact us here. (Maryland AND anywhere else in the USA or abroad) WE LOVE REFERRALS.

If you are a Real Estate Agent and you would like to start your own EPIK Kids in Action Chapter, please contact us here.



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EPIK Kids in Action 

AS OF JANUARY 1ST 2016, EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre will be donating 2.5% of every commission check to EPIK Kids in Action” Foundation.

 The more homes we sell, the more money we can donate to “EPIK Kids in Action“. Our goal for 2016 is 200 homes. The 100th home sale we will donate 100% of the commission. If we hit our lofty goal of 200 homes we will donate 200% of the commission.



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