EPIK Kids in Action is now in ACTION!

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EPIK Kids in Action is now in ACTION!

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EPIK Home Group is celebrating. We can officially announce the eligibility of EPIK Kids in Action as a NON PROFIT FOUNDATION. We have received documentation from the State of Maryland and the IRS, that our 501(c)3 is recognized and we can start contributing to it.

AS OF JANUARY 1ST 2016, EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre will be donating 2.5% of every commission check to “EPIK Kids in Action Foundation.

The more homes we sell, the more money we can donate to “EPIK Kids in Action“. Our goal for 2017 is 100 homes. The 100th home sale we will donate 100% of the commission.

So what is “EPIK Kids in Action”?

“A Foundation created as an ongoing initiative to fund a positive environment encouraging philanthropic activities for Elementary school aged children. The ultimate goal being to nurture the beneficial experience of kindness and charitable contribution through their endeavors that will impact others, but more importantly instill the joy of giving and empathy within themselves.”

Why did EPIK Home Group create “EPIK Kids in Action”?

The first reason is because we want to GIVE BACK to the communities that we live and work in. We have sold over 120 homes in Catonsville, so it’s a great place to start.

The 2nd reason is we want to support local hero”s that impact our lives in an EPIK way.


This remains on our refrigerator after 2nd grade.

Hopefully everyone has that “ONE TEACHER” that makes such an impact on their life, that after a year of being in their class, they finish the school year a better & kinder little human being. For my son, that teacher was Mrs Jaudon at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Not only does she personify the perfect educator with her teaching abilities, positive demeanor (loved “Jazz Hands” instead of clapping hands) engaging classrooms and unbelievable ability to really care about her students, (How many teachers do you know that actually take the time to visit every student at home at the beginning of the school year so she can see where they do their homework?) but she goes so far above and beyond with her extra curricula activities and community participation.

In Catonsville we call it “better than winning the lottery” when your child has Mrs. Jaudon for 2nd grade.

Many years ago (and before I was even a mother), Mrs. Jaudon created “Kids in Action”. An “after school club” with children doing a wide range of activities, crafts and fundraisers for others. Sick people, homeless people, elderly people, military and more. The legacy continues on.

 So what do “EPIK Kids in Action” do?

In 2015 my son participated in “Kids in Action” again, but this year I was the parent volunteer. Mrs Jaudon and Mrs Capka (also 2nd grade teacher) had a ton of activities planned. Each child paid $25 to participate. On the first day of class Mrs. Jaudon posted this on the board.


EPIK Kids in Action

My first thought was “How are they possibly going to get this done?” Each class was only an hour every week!

10 weeks later it was completed…….and more! Here is a video of “Kids in Action 2015”


They created blankets to donate to oncology facilities to keep cancer patients warm during chemo treatment.  They made healthy packed lunches for homeless people to take with them when the shelter closes during the day, with kind words on the sacks.

They helped a former Hillcrest “Kids in Action” student with his charity “Operation Catonsvillage” by organizing the entire school to donate  their Halloween Candy to send to troops overseas. “Kids in Action” sorted and packaged all of the donations AND added heartfelt letters to the soldiers.

EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre organized a massive Coat Drive for “Kids in Action” at our Annual Pie Day Client Appreciation Celebration which resulted in bags and bags of coats, scarves and socks.

They made pasta meals for the local homeless shelter and harvested the fresh produce from the Hillcrest garden to take to them too.  They cut out big paper hearts and wrote messages to the Hillcrest staff. They constructed holiday decorations to brighten up the senior facility.

#RandomActsOfKindness They also made scarfs for less fortunate people in the area that were to be placed on lamp posts and bus stops to bring warmth on a cold day………..but the weather hasn’t been cold enough to put them out.

 “EPIK Kids in Action“- What now?

Volunteering in this classroom was a game changer. It was watching generosity and kindness in its purest form. Teachers that don’t just check out at the end of the day, but keep giving and caring and DOING. To prepare for this class, to get all the supplies, to deliver the food prepared to the shelters, the blankets to the hospitals or the decorations to the nursing homes – this is all UNPAID time. Time away from their families too.

The children that had this experience, my son included, grew as human beings over the 10 weeks. They executed quickly and efficiently, they wrote AMAZING letters and notes. They worked together and they beamed with absolute joy when they were able to see the results of their efforts. They learned the joy of giving.

They were also really upset when Mrs. Jaudon said that they probably would not be doing “Kids in Action” in the Spring because the 2nd and 3rd grade time had come.

So what can EPIK Home Group do about that?

Simple math told me that the $25 from each child did not come close to the expenses. The PTA stipend also did not fill the void.

Earlier this year a friend posted this on Facebook. It may or may not be 100% true, but I decided I did not want to give money without a grass roots purpose.donations

This deserves repeating.

AS OF JANUARY 1ST 2016, EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre will be donating 2.5% of every commission check to “EPIK Kids in Action Foundation.

The more homes we sell, the more money we can donate to “EPIK Kids in Action“. Our goal for 2017 is 100 homes. The 100th home sale we will donate 100% of the commission.

Who do you know that has Real Estate Needs?

EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre will provide the funds to empower as many children as possible. We just need to sell more houses to be able to do that. The goal is to start this program in other schools too. We already have another school ready to go.

Stay tuned for all of the great activities that “EPIK Kids in Action” will be doing. Visit and LIKE the EPIK Kids in Action Facebook Page for updates.




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