10 Top ways to find a GREAT Real Estate Agent.

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Congratulations- You have decided to buy or sell a home. What do you do now? The first step on your journey of home ownership is to find yourself a Great Real Estate Agent!

Great Real Estate Agent


Subliminal message to help you find a Great Maryland Real Estate Agent


Great real estate agent

Based on the recent data, it’s estimated that a person moves about 12 times in their lifetime. During one of those relocations, whether it be from another State or another street across town, you will need to find a GREAT Real Estate Agent to help you find or sell a home.

Here are 10 top ways to find yourself a GREAT Real Estate Agent.

  •  1.Friends and Family. You may know someone who has a Real Estate license who is either a family member or a friend. Are they qualified to help you in your search? Real Estate is VERY local, do they know the area that you want to live in? Don’t feel obligated to use them to find and buy or sell a home because this is a big life decision. Ask yourself a few questions about how that relationship would be if they don’t do a great job. Be sure to interview them with the same due diligence that you would interview a complete stranger. IMPORTANT NOTE- DO NOT EXPECT OR ASK FOR A DISCOUNT. If you do chose to work with them, treat them the same way you would treat a Great Real Estate Agent that you do not know.

Great Real Estate Agent

  • 2. A Referral. Ask people you trust such as friends, family, co-workers, other parents etc. who they worked with when they purchased or sold a home. Did they have a good experience? Would they work with them again? What was so special about them? Are they responsive and do they communicate well? Are they still in touch with their Great Real Estate Agent? What were the highs and lows of their experience?

Great Real Estate Agent

Great Real Estate Agent

Great Real Estate Agent

Great Real Estate Agent

  • 6. Open Houses. This could be a hit or miss way to find an agent to help you buy or sell a house. A lot of Real Estate Rookies hold Open Houses, but seasoned Agents are easy to spot. Take into consideration how they present themselves. How they prepared for the Open House (signs, balloons, treats etc). How knowledgeable they are on not only the house, but the neighborhood and the area? Do they know the school districts? Are they engaging to talk to? Are they honest? Do you have a connection or are they too “salesy” or pushy?

Great Real Estate Agent

Great Real Estate Agent

Great Real Estate Agent

  • 9. Check the data. How long have they been in business? Is their license in good standing? How many houses do they sell a year?  (a Great Real Estate Agent will be selling more than 12 homes a year or they are not really a Full time Great Real Estate Agent)  How many houses do they sell a year in the area that you want to buy or sell a house in? Kudos to Zillow who have a great tool to help you with this question- simply enter the specific zip code that you are interested in and they will categorize the busiest agents – BUT keep in mind that the 3 agents that appear first in a row are the agents that PAY to be on the first line and not necessarily the Great Real Estate Agent that you might be looking for!  A Great Real Estate Agent will be happy to share with you all of their sales statistics.

Great Real Estate Agent

  • 10. Communication. Did they pick up their phone when you called? Did they return your call or e-mail promptly? Did they send you a text? Don’t discount that Great Real Estate Agent that stays in touch and provides you with pertinent information after your first interaction. You may have connected with an agent via any of these previous suggestions (You may have even met at the grocery store and exchanged contact details)……..BUT, do they follow up? If you don’t need to make an immediate Real Estate decision then consider the steps that agent takes to secure you as a client. Real Estate is NOT about sales, but about Relationships, education, the ability to negotiate and Marketing. Will they be the one that delivers an exceptional home buying or selling experience?



Avoid using a RANDOM Real Estate agent that a third party OFFERS to connect you with. If you sign up on a website and you receive an e-mail like this.

Hello Jane Buyer,
We have received your request for a real estate agent recommendation and we will get back to you quickly with our referral. There is no need to continue looking for an agent. (They really stress this because they want to be able to SELL your information to an agent willing to pay for you as a lead)
We have helped over 10,000 families (across the Country and NOT in your little neck of the woods) find the right agent (The one that PAYS for your info) and we are confident you will be pleased with the qualifications (They can afford to buy the lead) of the agent we find for you.
Thank you for working with Agents Ranking.

This is the response from a home search website that is NOT a licensed LOCAL Realtor, but an internet site making money from your info. Which agent will now be the highest bidder and NOT the most qualified agent to help you?
Save yourself the headache. Disregard and continue your own research. I suggest you don’t just use 1 of these tips, but a combination of 2 or more.


So which Great Real Estate Agent should you select? I can answer that question! (Just in case the subliminal message is not working)

Great Real Estate Agent

 At EPIK Home Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre we pride ourselves on an ULTIMATE LUXURY CLIENT EXPERIENCE ALWAYS. (ULCEA) Luxury is not defined by price point but by the EPIK quality of service you will receive before, during and long after a transaction. We are only content when our clients are so happy that they gladly and confidently refer us to everyone that they meet.

How can EPIK Home Group help you today?


 Ellie Holding EPIK sign [EPIK]-1Ellie McIntire, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, CLHMS and CDPE and EPIK Home Group love telling you about the area with events, and neighborhoods updates such as how to find a Great Real Estate AgentReal Estate is local, so you deserve a local Realtor who not only knows the housing market, but knows Howard County/Catonsville, the amenities, the local events and resources that you will need. Consistently in the top 1% of Realtors in Howard County/Catonsville, EPIK Home Group is here to help you with all your Real Estate needs!  

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